床に落ちた食べ物は、本当に食べても大丈夫? - 「5秒ルール」の真偽


Admit it - we’ve all accidentally dropped a tasty snack on the ground and then cited the ‘five second rule’ as a reason to still eat it.

But, according to food safety experts, we should think twice about eating anything that’s fallen to the floor - even if it’s just for a few seconds.

“There's no such thing as a 'five second rule,” Food Safety Information Council spokeswoman Rachelle Williams told Daily Mail Australia.

“It's a myth. We definitely do not recommend it.”

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All is not lost, however. Let’s face it, if you drop a ginger nut on the carpet or crackers in the kitchen, you’re probably still going to scoff them - and, while that’s not advised, it is much safer to eat than a sausage that’s fallen to the floor.

“It all comes down to bacteria,” explained Williams. 'Bacteria relies on moisture to grow, so any wet food is considered potentially hazardous. It's much easier for bacteria to grow on those foods.
“With dry foods, it is conversely much tougher for bacteria to grow.”


Now let's think about the type of surface you drop food on - a smooth surface or a carpet.

Research from the University of Illinois in 2007 found it was definitely possible for bacteria to transfer onto food within five seconds ? however, the type of floor and cleanliness of the floor was a big factor.

They determined that bacteria is less likely to be picked up by food that’s dropped on a carpet or rug than a smooth surface; research found that carpets containing Salmonella transferred less than 1% of bacteria onto food dropped onto it.

Compare that to the 48-70% transferred onto food dropped on a smooth floor, like wooden or tiled, and you’ll never eat from your kitchen floor again!



So the safest thing to do if you've dropped some food on the floor? Throw it away.

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